Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Who next for England?

Although the demise of John Terry on the international scene this week has caused Chelsea to be very, very defensive about the fact that their star defender and captain has been dropped by the FA as its public face to the world and captain on the pitch, the only real debate that deserves to be brought up now is with regards to who should start as captain for England at the Euro 2012 tournament. Those looking at Betfair online will be keeping a close eye on things.

Terry has, for most of his career, seemed like a natural captain and leader of men, which means that England haven't had to consider the next identity of the captainship for some time. With Rio Ferdinand turning down the chance to be in the running this time around, it looks like there is still the risk of the next captain knowing the captaincy could well just be a short-term measure that could come to an end should Terry be found innocent of racial abuse charges.

However, could this less than ideal situation be transformed into an opportunity to make a stand and show the world that England as a team are not short-sighted and can plan well for the future? Perhaps, bearing this in mind, picking one of Joe Hart, Jack Wilshere, or Phil Jones as the captain would solve a short-term problem and also assess their suitability at leading the team for many years to come. www.betfair.com

Having seen the likes of Spain and Italy always benefit from a settled captain, it would surely help England if a young hope was transformed into the team captain, rather than somebody who may only be holding the title for a short time. If Fabio does do this, then he may well have made his best and most enduring decision to date.