Monday, 23 May 2011

Well done the FA, now for the next step

Usually the FA are about as competent as a small band of ants would be at winning an F1 Grand Prix, but their decision to show FIFA that they have no interest whatsoever in supporting two equally flawed candidates shows at least that the FA has started to realise that they cannot continue to ally themselves with an organisation with numerous problems. Those who follow international football betting will know that the World Cup being played in Qatar doesn't seem quite right.

However, despite already showing that they are starting to realise they cannot be associated with an organisation that offers them nothing and takes a fairly sizeable chunk of money each year, the FA has not yet made the move it needs to by talking seriously with other football associations about setting up a new governing body for world football that is not so content with keeping the status quo. Those following the football news will hope to see something change soon.

With the FA still without a serious leader, and still appearing gutless in most respects, the chances of us getting a new body that brings in changes that fans want while not choosing to take World Cups to countries that hand FIFA all the profit and leaves only a massive debt in the host nation as a legacy (take a look at the unfortunate South African legacy if you want a sober reading of "taking football to new markets") still appear sadly very slim in the short term.