Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lord Triesman points finger “weak” FA

Former FA Chairman Lord Triesman has told a Parliamentary select committee investigating the way football is run, that he believes it was “impossible” to implement any changes during his time in charge to help the game.

Triesman became the first independent in 2008, but resigned from the role last June. He was also Chairman for England’s failed 2018 World Cup bid but was forced to step down after he was caught up a tabloid sting.

Triesman, who was appearing before MPs on the culture, media and sport select committee, Channel 4 chairman Lord Burns and former FA chief executive Graham Kelly, hinted at deep rooted problems within the FA that are affecting their ability to run the game.

He said he believed it was “impossible to make the changes” for the good of the game, and added that the FA were struggling to maintain power over the running of football in England.

Triesman said the FA’s governance was “thoroughly unsatisfactory", and added "apart from onfield discipline,(the FA) has backed out of regulating completely".

Speaking to BBC Sport, he said the chief reason the FA were struggling to maintain authority was due to the Premier League, who he said is the “ultimate authority” in English football.

The decisions that really decide what is going to go on in English football are taken by the Premier League," Triesman said.

"The control of the huge resources flows largely through them. It naturally enjoys a great deal of authority. But I have always thought that football is one sport.”

"The interests have got to reach from Old Trafford right through to football played by kids organised in parks. You can't have just one interest dominating it.”

The amount of money that the Premier League generates puts them in control of how the game is run in this country, and means the two bodies are in “competition” with each other.

The committee will hear further evidence before deciding if its report will suggest major changes to how the sport’s governing body operates.

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