Thursday, 12 June 2008

It could have been England v Germany, not Croatia!

As per the lyrics of 3 lions 98:

It could have been all

Songs in the street

It was nearly complete

It was nearly so sweet

Forgive me for day dreaming, if England would have qualified in place of Croatia (they were in the same qualification group after all) then England would have played Germany today in Euro 2008. Rush hour would have started at lunchtime as English industry grinds to a halt to watch, so people could get home or to the pub to secure a seat to watch the biggest game of the qualification rounds. Plus it is unlikely Wayne Rooney would have got married today!

So to fulfil the daydream England would have won 2-1 :-)

It does add credibility to the ability of the Croatia team and takes away some of the pain felt by this England fan, but not this German!

Euro 2008 - Public Viewing Croatia v Germany
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