Tuesday, 24 June 2008

How would have England got on in Euro 2008 finals?

In an article in The Sun there is a suggestion that England will need to do a lot of catching up to compete with our European counter parts. The gist of the article is that England have too many players with individual skill which is difficult to incorporate into a team structure. Further The Sun cites that Euro 2008 viewing figures show an unexpected level of interest in the tournament from England fans, apparently due to the "fantasy football, with tremendous forward movement, pace down both flanks and wonderful dribbling skills".

There is no mention of the "bore draw" between Spain and Italy.

Spain v Italy - Euro 2008 Quarter Final
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Bored to tears?

The Sun goes on to imply that Gerrard and Rooney are uncoachable and criticise the lack of youth in the England team.

I found the article in The Sun annoying and was almost throw together for a slow football news day. What do you think? Please add your comments!